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This page is dedicated to feedback from owners of our kittens and comments on our cats and our website.

Hi Tracey, I just wanted to let you know Samson is settling in very well, he is a very confident kitten and has already taken charge of the household, he loves exploring and spends hours wandering around. We have been really surprised at how affectionate he is, since we have had him less than a week. He is really vocal and see043e + 0s t6 have f433 c6nversat56ns by h50se3fEMS TO HAVE Ee ms to enjoy[]'#6v

Hi Tracey, Sorry, Samson just ran across my laptop and switched on number lock and sent the email in one go! What a clever cat! Anyway...I just wanted to let you know Samson is settling in very well, he is a very confident kitten and has already taken charge of the household, he loves exploring and spends hours wandering around. We have been really surprised at how affectionate he is, he loves to cuddle up on you lap and constantly purrs. He is really vocal and seems to have full conversations with himself! As I am typing this he keeps jumping on the keys and I have to keep re-typing....... he has just put his head in my son's glass and is covered in milk!!!! - he is full of energy and mischief - but we him love loads. All of our visitors have wanted to take him home and all of the children in the family have added "one like him" to their Christmas list!!!

I will send you photo's over the coming months to let you see how he is settling in, we hope he gets on well with our 5 year old Persian cat, but we are taking it slow. Hope to speak to you soon. Kind Regards. Georgina, Jonathan, Oliver, Charlotte, Buffy and Samson x x x x

Georgina / Newport / 3rd December 2007

Dear Tracey, I am so sorry that these took so long to send you. I have been at the mercy of my son to get them done and in a format I can send you. I don't think any of them do her justice and as you will see none of us are good with a camera.

Just to update you, Pebbles is doing fine. She is the most affectionate of kittens and spends most of her day with me. She sleeps with me every night (quite often under the covers) and knows when it is time to follow me upstairs to bed. During the day if she isn't playing around me feet or sitting on my laptop she likes to be worn around my neck like some old fashioned fur stole. She is fantastic company but everyone is quite jealous that she isn't as close with anyone else. She is without doubt my cat. She is eating extremely well and is socialising with Ben. They eat and sleep together. She will often groom him but then ruins the moment by biting his ears or tail. Pebbles is obsessed with water (as you warned me). She gets in the dishwasher, shower tray etc and sink. She drinks from the taps and loves putting her head down the toilet but as we keep the lid down this usually only happens when the toilet is in use much to the shock of whoever is using it at the time. She has a loo roll fetish and if left alone in the house with bathroom and toilet doors open she takes on the persona of the Andrex puppy and the house gets covered in yard upon yard of chewed up toilet paper. I'm afraid all the purpose made toys we bought her from the pet shop have been long forgotten about.

She climbs everywhere and is very capable of walking on her back legs. She likes to stand on the radiator cover looking out of the window. We had one more roof top escaped which I won't tell you about as the details might make you have kittens. Since then she has calmed down a lot but still has her funny half hours. She likes to help herself from the sweet bowl taking the foil wrapped sweets and playing with them for hours. She loves to carry things around in her mouth like a dog. She is into everything. She is so confident and outgoing. From the day we got her home I have never seen her to be timid in any way. She is fearless and her growl is as loud as her purr - amazing that such a small thing can make so much noise. I spoke to the vets recently and they have advised that it will become obvious when her operation is due. The vet is a German lady and maybe something got lost in translation but she said "she will act like a tart and become very slutty"!!!

I can't thank you enough for allowing us to have such a beautiful and lovable creature. I hope that everything is going well for you and the family.
Kind regards, Christina

Christina / 24th October 2007

Hi. We are very keen to bring a brown spotted bengal kitten into our home and having looked at numerous websites in our area would very much like to come and have a look at your kittens. I see from your website that all your current litter are reserved, which I am not surprised as they all look gorgeous, but if you could advise how you run your waiting list and if you would be happy for us to visit to see the kittens and parents you have that would be lovely. Kind regards, Kathryn

Kathryn / South Oxfordshire / 22nd October 2007

Saw your Bengal kittens on Breeders Online. I'm considering purchasing either a Bengal, or if I can find one, a California spangled. I particularly liked the coat on your kittens, could you give me an estimate of price? Regards Ewan

Ewan / 12th October 2007

Hi Tracey! I know I promised you pictures of my little guy and I'm sorry I've been so delayed with them! Baxter is doing absolutely fabulous. We adore him! He's fitting in very well with our home. He gets on very well with our other cat Tiger. All day long you can hear those two chasing each other around the house. When he's all tired out he loves to just lay down on your lap and be petted. He's finally developed his meow as well. He is becoming a very big kitty as well. I can't believe how fast they grow! I hope you werent affected with the flooding recently. Teara said she couldn't make it up to see Khan this last weekend. How are your other kittens and planned litters coming along? By the way, were you still contemplating about showing Baxter in October or have you found another cat you will be showing? Hope all is well at your place and I hope you like the pictures. The one with him in the window is my personal favorite. Take care! Megan and Denver

Megan & Denver / Fairford / 29th July 2007

Hallo Tracey! And all your wonderful family - two and four legged!
As our Not-so-Little Darlings approach their first birthday - fresh grilled tuna with candles is the treat in store! - I thought that I should send you some photos of the beautiful babies that Scorcher and Athena produced! I will send them in two or three e-mails as they won't all go in one! They are such characters and have settled down beautifully now! It is actually safe to bring out the ornaments again and the house plants - those that remain aren't sabotaged quite so readily now! They are hugely affectionate and talkative and love each other to bits. Wimbo is HUGE! Tall and handsome and chunky and soppy! Malaika is petite and girly and gives and takes love on her own terms! They both adore to have their tummies rubbed for as long as you're prepared to rub them and we have never seen claws bared ever!

Of course we are completely stupid about them now and hugely proud! Could watch them day in day out! I have bandied your name about a lot and hope that it will lead to business coming your way! You so deserve it! Forever grateful for letting us have two such lights of our lives! Genevieve and Michael and Wimbo and Malaika

Genevieve & Michael / London / 13th July 2007

Hi, We thought that we would let you know how we are doing with Ziggy, the journey back was ok he cried so loud that i opened the door to his carrier and he immediatly came out and went to sleep on my lap! He stayed there the whole journey home! Once home it seemed as if he had always been here, we brought him in doors in his carrier and he cried
to come out, and what a shrill cry he has, so we let him out keeping the other two away. within half an hour they were all playing together. Timmy adores him and treats him as if he was his own child! He is cleaning him and cleaning up after him, even showing him where the potty is!!! Bless! You really would think that ziggy had been here all along and not that he has only been here a matter of a few hours! He loves to play and he just loves to sit on your lap and go to sleep.

We really do appriciate and congratulate you on his excellent up bringing, he is a real gem! We now cant wait for zebbe to come home either! It must be heart breaking for you for all your little ones to go but we can assure you that he is having a whale of a time and getting on like a house on fire with the other two already.

Thanks again and speak soon, take care. Kim, Rob and Ziggy X oops and the other two!

Kim & Rob / Chichester / 9th June 2007

Tracey, You have beautiful cats and seem quite passionate about breeding bengals. I am a small breeder (hobby) and TICA registered, but I don't have my own stud. Luc

Luc / 5th June 2007

Hi Tracey, Henry is adorable, much loved and very happy. He's into everything, very confident and fast becoming the boss of the house. He is lots of fun and very entertaining. We will send photos soon, Hope you had a good Christmas and have a Happy New Year. Regards, Karen, Peter, and family.

Karen & Peter / London / 30th December 2006

Hi Tracey, Henry has settled in fine. He has met the other cats and is not fazed at all, and apart from the odd growl the other cats have accepted him with little fuss. Henry is busy exploring his new home and will probably sleep on our bed with us tonight. Thank you so much for letting us have him he really is adorable. We will update you on his progress and also send copy of contract. (Our persian Flow has not stopped playing with the toy you gave us since we got back! ) Thank you again, Regards, Karen and Peter.

Karen & Peter / London / 16th December 2006

Hi Tracey and folks. Hope you all well, Just a quick note as I know you are busy. Just a progress report on the little man. I cant beleive how good he is, he has not had 1 accident. My family turned up at about 3.30 and he was fine with them all, he was not scared at all and actually sat on my sisters lap and went to sleep. I put him to bed in the kitchen at about 9pm and he had a little cry for about 5 minutes, he went back into his crate and went to sleep and we did not hear from him till 7am the next morning. When i went in he had done a couple of poohs in the litter tray and a wee, he had eaten his dinner and was purring straight away. Yesterday he was running around the house like he had always been there, he has ventured upstairs into the bedrooms and even slept with Graham yesterday afternoon before he went on nights.

He is really beautiful, Thank you so much for everything, even my Mum who isn't a cat lover, thinks he is lovely and has been out to buy him christmas presents! This morning he has been playing and took himself off to the kitchen to do a pooh in the litter tray, what a star. We have had no breakages yet! Although my vase of flowers was nearly a casualty, and he keeps going behind the TV which is a worry, but we get him out with your Cat chaser he really loves that. He has had a couple of vistors already who think he is gorgeous. I will try to send some pics, our internet is running really slow so hopefully we can get them to you at some point. Have any of the others gone yet?

Once again thanks to you all for being so lovely and kind you are all really special. Will try sending some pics later today. Jo, Graham, Daisy & Thomas xxx

Jo, Graham & Daisy / Leigh-on-Sea / 2nd December 2006

Dear Tracey and Veronica, I have just found your website and the pictures of the snowy bengal kittens are just wonderfull, I have fallen in love! I am looking for a (one or two) male kittens for my partner and we just loved the look of your kittens. We are a professional couple and I have very flexible hours as I am in laboratory research, which is perfect for getting a new kitten(s). It is a perfect time for us to be looking for a kitten as we have both just settled into a lovely new house, in a very quiet cul de sac and we are both happily settled but we wanted a (couple of) household companion(s). Your website said that you only have litters a couple of times a year so if you could think of us the next time you have them it would be great! What time of year do cats usually have litters? Many thanks, ZaraBeth

ZaraBeth / 18th October 2006

Hallo Tracey and all your Family - human and feline! It was utterly delightful meeting with you all on Saturday! Mum and I talked 'Kittens' all the way home and I have completely dispelled any fears about having the two of them! We've decided that the benefits far outweigh the negatives and she is such a little dear - I cannot imagine Michael not going the journey I have! Thank you so much for sending the progress report and these new ADORABLE photos - I'll be putting as many as I have in the album this week so that all I'll have to do will be whatever you send me whilst we're away when we get back. I can't tell you what wide grins I'm waking up with every day as I imagine Michael receiving the surprise! And as for the prospect of the babies coming home to live with us getting closer ... well I can hardly contain myself! Thank you also for sending me these restaurants in Burford and surround - I'll check into all of that tomorrow and book something in readiness! I just know that Michael will fall in love with Burford - next thing you'll know he'll be nagging me to quit London and go and live there! It is a stunningly pretty place!

We were amazed and overwhelmed and deeply impressed with how lovingly and professionally you run your business Tracey. What is so special about you is that it really isn't just a business for you - it's perfectly obvious how much you love the cats and kittens too and I feel even more honoured that you consider us suitable 'parents' for your 'off-spring'! Michael's younger brother (who is 50 this year!) has recently had a baby daughter by his second wife after a pretty gruelling time trying for a child. Three weeks ago they came round to ask us if we would agree to stand as legal guardians to Katie should anything ever happen to them! Both Michael and I burst into tears! We were so touched and honoured that they should entrust their most precious child to us! You have made me feel a little that way too! Thank you! If you don't hear from me for the next couple of weeks, it's because I'm away, not being rude! Take care and again, thank you! Kindest regards, Genevieve

Genevieve / London / 28th August 2006

Tracey, Thank you for your hospitality this evening. Stuart and I are absolutely delighted with the kitten. His markings are absolutely fab and I know he will be much loved at our home. We look forward to receiving up dates of photos of him and will be in touch the end of the month to bring my children to visit. Thank you again! Julia

Julia / Gloucestershire / 14th August 2006

Hi Tracey, Just to let you know that the settling in for the two lightening Leopards is going well and they only took a couple of hours to lose their shyness. Today they 've almost had full run of the house, tho' introducing them to the two Burmese Ladies is unfinished busy taken very gradually-they have met and are not put out at all but the burmese are a trifle wary!!. Our house is like Fort Knox. They have a room to themselves where they sleep and entertain, but they already charge to the door to leave when we open it! What have we let ourselves in for!!

They are a credit to you and your Mother and thank you for giving them such a good start into this world. Hope you are not missing them too much. Best wishes, Merylyn.

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